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CDR Report Sample for Telecommunications Field Engineer

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CDR Report Sample for Telecommunications Field Engineer
CV or Curriculum Vitae)

Preparing CV following the professional format.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Sample Report

The writer displays their knowledge through 1000-word CPD report

chemical Engineer Career Episode Sample Report 1

The writer displays their skills used in the project “Designing and Modelling of Coalescer” with in 1500 words.

Chemical Engineer Career Episode Sample Report 2

displays their skills used in the project “Reusing Lubricant Oil after Purification” with in 2000 words.

Chemical Engineer Career Episode Sample 3

The writer displays their skills used in the project “Production of Oxalic Acid from Molasses” with in 1400 words.

Chemical Engineer Summary Statement Sample

2050-word statement is prepared on the basis of each task performed

Telecommunications Field Engineer career episode

The career episode sample reports should follow the guidelines with a fair number of words. The report displays the problems and challenges you face while operating the project and the solution applied.

Telecommunications Field Engineer Career Episode Report.

Project Name: Integration of 3G Technology with Related Protocol.
In the first Career episodes for Engineers Australia, the author elaborates on the project titled “Integration of 3G Technology with Related Protocol” which involved studying Master of Information Technology in Network management. Involved responsibilities were:

  • To discover about the 3G technology and protocol related to it and understand the process of 3G working through a survey in the numerous article and other sources available on the internet.
  • To specify the terminal component of the Protocol stack of 3G-324 and design as well as define the terminal’s procedure and utilize H245 and H223 protocol stack.
  • To propose an algorithm for handling the message and analyzing the result from the experimentation.
  • To propose a method for transmitting data that helps in the optimization of the system and analyzes the experimental data as well as perform heuristic analysis for improving the performance.
  • To develop the Video Instant Messaging system by integrating reduced-sip to PC and gateway of 3G so as to understand the message in both TCP/IP and 3G network.
  • To propose the universal gateway for interconnecting all the networks and demonstrating its success in implementation.

Telecommunications Field Engineer Career Episode Report.

Project Name: Reliable Control of Ship-mounted Satellite Tracking Antenna.
In the second Career Episode, the author explains the engineering skills used in the project carried out for the fulfilment of a Master’s Degree (Telecommunications Field Engineers). Duties and responsibilities in the project “Reliable Control of Ship-mounted Satellite Tracking Antenna” were:

  • To maintain the tracking functionality by employing a proper control Strategy through fault-tolerant control (FTC).
  • To design a robust fault diagnosis system.
  • To supervise the FTC system.
  • To estimate the faults for a class of nonlinear systems acting under external disturbances through the employed fault diagnosis solution.
  • To verify the effectiveness of the method through implementation and testing on an antenna system.

Telecommunications Field Engineer Career Episode Report

Project Name: Combining Acoustic Echo Cancellation and Suppression
In the third career episode Engineers Australia, the author explains the Master’s thesis involved while Master’s studying. The project name was “Combining Acoustic Echo Cancellation and Suppression”. His key responsibilities in this project were:

  • To suppress the echoes and reduce the complexity by using Spectral modification, incorporating perceptual theories.
  • To cancel low-frequency echo components by using Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC).
  • To suppress high-frequency echo components by using a perceptual acoustic echo suppressor (PAES).
  • To have virtually the same perceived quality as a full-band AEC, while having a significantly lower complexity and a higher degree of robustness by showing the hybrid scheme.
  • To analyze the computational complexity of AE

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Sample for CDR

The CPD format for Engineers Australia to be included with CDR Report includes professional courses, non-professional courses and private study. The author’s Mechanical Engineering Knowledge is judged based on the CPD provided to EA.

Telecommunications Field Engineer CDR Summary Statement Sample:

For CDR Report, the summary statement written by the author represents all the competency elements required as a Telecommunications Field. As guided by the Engineers Australia migration skills assessment booklet, the summary statement comprises cross-references to the relevant paragraph of the episodes. The CDR Summary Statement written with CDR report Australia must be in accordance with the requirements of the Engineers Australia.

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