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Engineers Australia membership is ensured from the approval of Stage 1 Competency Assessment. Professional writers with years of experience developing flawless Stage 1 Competency Assessment at CDR skill assessment assist engineers in being eligible for a member of Engineers Australia.


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Stage 1 skill assessment is for engineers who need to recognize their skills with Engineers Australia to broaden their scope of jobs and elevate their careers. Stage 1 Competency Assessment is the level of competency needed for entry to practice as a qualified member of the engineering team. Engineers offshore prepare for Stage 1 Competency Assessment to elevate engineering career by becoming member of Engineers Australia. Being a member of Engineers Australia helps secure jobs in most organizations for engineering professionals. Stage 1 Competency Assessment falls under the Engineers Australia membership requirement. CDR skill assessment helps you write the Stage 1 Competency Assessment that will secure you a job and fulfil the requirement to be a member of Engineers Australia. To be eligible for membership in Engineers Australia, one needs to complete an engineering qualification that is accredited and recognized by Engineers Australia or get Stage 1 competency Assessment approved. Stage 1 is the degree of competency required for admittance into the engineering team as a qualified member and corresponds to completing an acknowledged or recognized educational qualification. Writing Stage 1 Competency Assessment determines whether or not you are eligible for membership. Stage 1 Competency signifies you have a deep comprehension of the corpus of engineering knowledge relevant to your occupational category (Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologist, or Engineering Associate) and the capacity to apply this knowledge to issues and circumstances that indicate practitioners in your professional category's duties. 

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Engineers Australia has categorized Stage 1 Competency Assessment into 3 occupational Categories.

Engineers can be eligible to be a member of Engineers Australia through Stage 1 Competency Assessment in three different 
occupational categories.

Professional Engineer

Candidates with 4 years of Bachelor’s in Engineering Degree or 5 years of Engineering Masters can apply in this occupational category.

Engineering Technologist

Candidates with three years of Bachelor’s in Engineering Technology or Bachelor of Engineering Science Degree can apply in this occupational category.

Engineering Associate

Candidates with two years of Advance Engineering Diploma or Associate Degree in Engineering can apply in this occupational category.

Elements of Competency for Stage 1 Assessment to be a member of EA

As per the requirement of Engineers Australia, each of the three vocational group of Stage 1 Competency Assessment has its own set of details for the elements. Engineers must exhibit each element in an overall sense to be regarded as a Stage 1 component. Each Element contains a set of Indicators that serve as a reference to the level of performance and enable a determination of whether the competency element has been met. These Indicators define and detail the many methods for demonstrating and assessing the element.
Each competency is made up of elements that explain a specific performance area. The three elements are the Engineers Australia membership requirement and essential actions that make up the Stage 1 Competency Assessment.
Competency 1 Knowledge Base 
Competency 2 Engineering Ability 
Competency 3 Professional Attributes

CDR skill assessment offers a variety of CDR samples that meet Engineers Australia membership requirements and are eligible for examination for membership with Engineers Australia. Engineers Australia just approved all of our CDR samples, ensuring they meet EA standards. These samples comprise three narratives, a summary statement, and a CPD, and they are written in a high style yet simple language that is easy to modify.

Do you need Stage 1 Competency Assessment to be a member of EA?

Is your Engineering qualification accredited by Engineers Australia? 


If you hold an Australian Engineering qualification that has not been accreted by Engineers Australia, you need to show your competency through Stage 1 Assessment.


If you hold engineering qualifications from overseas countries that Engineers Australia does not recognise, you must show your competency through Stage 1 Assessment to be a member.


If you hold an undergraduate engineering-related degree but do not have a post-graduate engineering qualification, you must show your competency through Stage 1 Assessment.

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