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Obtain Professional Recognition with CDR Skill Assessment: Engineers Australia Stage 2 Competencies

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Secure Stage 2 Competencies for Engineers Australia - CDR Skill Assessment

The Stage 2 Competency standards are used as the basis of assessment for registration on the National Engineering Register (NER) and Chartered membership of Engineers Australia (CPEng). The Stage 2 Competency Assessment describes the profession's knowledge and skill foundation, engineering application abilities, and professional skills, values, and attitudes required to practice independently or unsupervised. The stage 2 competency requirements are similar in that they apply to professional engineers in leadership and management roles, and they are organized into four units:
Personal Commitment
Obligation to the Community
Value in the Workplace
Technical Proficiency

Each unit includes competency and achievement indicators. The accomplishment indicators provided in this guideline serve as a reference to the management and leadership duties that are likely to be evaluated in order to demonstrate such competence.

Stage 2 Competency Assessment for Engineers Australia

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Stage 2 Competency Assessment ensures Chartered Membership of EA

Chartered Membership of Engineers Australia entails a lifetime commitment to maintaining competence in a particular practice area. The Chartered members of Engineers Australia are assessed using the Stage 2 Competency Assessment (CPEng). Engineers Australia offers Chartered profession membership recognized internationally by the Australian government and business.

Required documents for Chartered membership of Engineers Australia through Stage 2 Competency Assessment

After selecting one of the digital charactered pathways, engineers willing and possessing every requirement should submit a few documents. The submitted documents provide Engineers Australia (EA) with proper and required information about the applicant. EA requires the following documents for recognition as chartered membership of Engineers Australia.

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Engineering Competency Claim

According to your selection of assessment pathways, the number of engineering competency claims (ECCs) lies between 11 to 16. Those engineers who selected the ECR (Engineering competency report) path must provide 16 engineering competency claims (ECCs). The presented claims, statements, records and resumes provide information to Engineers Australia about the engineer’s involvement in the engineering projects. Engineering competency claims are submitted with the elements of Engineers Australia competencies stage 2.



Engineering Experience Record (EER)

The Engineering Experience Record (EER) is a 700-word job duty and employment overview. Preparing the submission mentioned above items is a time-consuming and challenging task. If you have a strong understanding of the Engineers Australia CDR requirements, it can be simple to prepare all requests.

Engineering-Experience-Record-(EER) (1).gif


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Report

CPD is an abbreviation for Continuing Professional Development, and it refers to the learning activities that professionals engage in to improve and grow their skills. CPD (Continuing Professional Development) format for Engineers Australia refers to a professional's long-term commitment to improving their skills and proficiency.



Updated Resume

You must upload your most recent CV/Resume with your Stage 2 Competency Assessment for chartered membership of Engineers Australia. Include your most recent work experience and the one you are currently working on. It should be simple and well-written.


Stage 2 Competency Assessment will meet the following Expectations of EA

In Stage 2 Competency Assessment engineer will demonstrate engineering skill and knowledge to Engineers Australia for Chartered membership. The community has certain expectations of seasoned professional engineers, including their expertise, application, and behavior'. Experienced professional engineers are required as leaders and supervisors.
Stage 2 Competency Assessed engineers recognise customers’ demands, a diverse set of stakeholders, and society.
Chartered member Engineers in Australia have an understanding of the system, service, method, or program that optimises
Social, environmental, and economic results.
Stage 2 Competency Assessment ascertains that the managerial contribution has been correctly incorporated into the overall project, process, or program.
Chartered members of Engineers Australia communicate well with people from various disciplines, jobs, and backgrounds.
Chartered Professions of Engineers in Australia know about assessing technology potential by society, corporations, and governments.
Stage 2 Competency Assessment ensures the most significant degree of feasibility; possibilities and ramifications sufficiently inform such policy decisions for Engineers in Australia.
Stage 2 Competency Assessment assures the costs, risks, and restrictions are appropriately understood about the intended outcomes.
Stage 2 Competency Assessment brings knowledge from many sources to bear on the creation of solutions to complex problems and difficulties.
Chartered members of Engineers Australia make sure that technical and non-technical factors are correctly integrated.
Stage 2 Competency Assessment states that risk management and long-term sustainability are critical issues.
They ensure that all project, program, or process components are founded on theory and underlying principles.
Chartered member of Engineers Australia ensures that all components of a project, program, or process are founded on theory and underlying principles.

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